Dyno Hire

If you want to tune your own vehicle, then you can hire my dyno at an hourly rate, charged in 30 minute blocks.

1st time users will be given a 15 minute (not charged) briefing on how to use the dyno both safely & correctly.

It will cover:

  • Loading & Unloading vehicle from Dyno
  • Strapping vehicle down, wheel chock location
  • Boost/Vacuum connection if required – Zeroing gauge
  • RPM Input – Ignition or Injector
  • Steady State loading
  • Ramp Runs (Power Runs)
  • Fire Extinguisher Locations (If you blow your shit up & it catches fire)

The dyno has a 4.9 LSU wideband that is capable of providing both a serial & analog 0-5v signal. Along with being able to feed sensors & data to the dyno computer for overlaying with power runs etc.

However it is advised that for any serious tuning you should always have your own wide band sensor fitted & calibrated BEFORE you begin!

The dyno has both a high speed cooling & extraction fan.


  • $120 for 1st hr. *Maximum of 3hr hire at any 1 time, unless no other jobs are booked in.
  • $100 for 2nd
  • $80 for 3rd & there after
  • Clean up of any oil’s from engine or transmission etc will incur an additional cleanup cost, unless you bring your own rags & clean.

Dyno Power Runs

Price – $60 this includes a maximum of 3 power runs & colour print out. If you want to make changes to your car between runs or want more time to make adjustments, then I will only charge you the hourly rate & we can do as many power runs or steady state load tests as you like.

Club Dyno Days

Do you have a group of friends or Perhaps a car club looking to run an event for your members for a bit of friendly competition & bragging rights? Then contact me to work out a day rate & discuss amenities available for your patrons.