Tuning Services

I mostly work with GM based ecu’s/engines, however I’m also familiar with other brands of ecu’s like Hondata, Ecutek, Haltech & Holley.

I’ve also used tuning software such as Tunerpro, Tunerstudio, Openecu.

Dyno Power Runs

Price – $60 this includes 3 power runs & colour print out. If you want to make changes to your car between runs or want more time to make adjustments, then I will only charge you the hourly rate & we can do as many power runs or steady state load tests as you like.

VY-VZ Dash Cluster Programming

Auto to manual change etc, fuel gauge calibration, speedo correction, V6 to V8 – Handy if you want to use the factory dash with a custom tank with fuel sender.

Tech 2 & Factory SPS Programming of all GM vehicle modules including resetting/turning off of error codes for various on-board modules etc

Reprogramming & Updating of ABS modules, BCM, Instrument Clusters etc.