6L80e Conversions

So you want to convert to a 6 speed auto in your VT-VZ Commodore, here’s what it’s going to cost you:

If existing auto: $4950

Manual: $5490
Includes new flexplate & 2nd hand factory shifter assembly

Base pricing does not include the gearbox, but does include the following:

  • Replacement of existing gearbox with 6L80
  • Original tail shaft modified to suite 6l80
  • Removal of Engine harness for modification
  • Dexron 6 Transmission Fluid
  • PCS Transmission Control Module
  • New transmission cooler & lines
  • Transmission Mount & Bolts
  • Transmission tuning for diff ratio/torque converter lock up
  • Neutral Safety & Reverse light relay configuration
  • Tapshift Control switch
  • LED Gear Indicator

Extra available options:

  • All Fast Torque Converter built to your requested stall speed / engine combination
  • Upgrade factory to Steel SFI Flex Plate & ARP bolts – Recommended for vehicles over 500whp (Included in Manual Price conversion)
  • Deep Pan Sump & Filter
  • Supply 6L80e with factory spec’d torque converter
  • VZ Tapshift Steering Wheel

Just Want a controller and or assistance with gearbox tuning for your setup for some other type of engine / vehicle because your capable of installing yourself?

  • PCS Controller – $1550
  • Gearbox Programming: $400

We do not keep your existing parts, so will need to be taken away.