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Ethanol Powered Cruze

Having upgraded the factory injectors a few weekends ago with some spare V8 injectors I had from one of my other cars, I made the switch to Ethanol aka E85 mid last week and put the Cruze back on the dyno today for some initial testing.

The results… Awesome!

Cruze-EthanolThis is still stock turbo catback and dump pipe. Just Injectors & tune.

cruze-injector-upgradeAs can be seen in the above graph the factory tune has the injector duty cycle topping out before 5200rpm, my original tune adjusts the requested fuel injection to hold it out to the rev limiter.

Cruze hits the Drag Strip

While being one of the slowest cars I’ve ever had to race, I was wanting to confirm the power upgrade from the ecu retune, So I took the Cruze to the drag strip this last week and as expected considerable gains were had between the factory & the Torque Up Tune.

So as not to bias the car against any temperature changes or heat soak in the staging lanes, The factory tune was uploaded between runs of the modified tune.

Custom Tune Results
Custom Tune Results
Stock Tune Results
Stock Tune Results
Custom Tune Results

As can be seen from the results there is a minimum 4kph difference at the half track which carries all the way through to the speed trap at the end of the 1/4.

The biggest problem with trying to get the cruze off the line quickly is actually wheel spin believe it or not, since it doesn’t have a Limited Slip diff it starts to axle hop as the boost comes on in 1st gear. If the car was an auto it’s quite possible a high 14 second time slip would be possible.

RaceWars 2014

Another year and another successful RaceWars weekend.

I only took 1 car this year and that was my brothers VE SS Commodore. With it’s very old blower & cam combo making 630rwhp with the stock 6LT it did very well with an overall 10th placing for the top speed and 2nd place for v8’s.

1000m results were:

Run 1:
267.23 km/h
21.514 s
Run 2:
269.53 km/h
21.255 s
Run 3:
269.81 km/h
21.343 s
Outright Position:
Best Class Position:
2nd  (8 Cylinder)
Fastest Run:
269.81 km/h
21.343 s

Pump E85 Finally in WA

United Fuel stations are starting the rollout of of E85 to their stations across Perth, with Armadale being the 1st.

As the very first paying customer on the new pump, initial testing shows the ethanol content at 80% which is fantastic for the first tanker load.



Racewars 2013 roundup

So the first of hopefully many future events was held over the weekend of the 7-8th of April just gone at a small town called Wyalkatchem about 200km’s east of the Perth cbd.

The event consisted of 2 days of racing at the local airstrip which is approximately 1540 meters long, with a live band for entertainment playing Saturday night at the local bowls club. Most if not all accommodation in town was booked out shortly after the event went on sale with a dedicated area set aside at the town oval for competitors & spectators alike to camp. However my dad, his friend & myself stayed at the Dowerin Pub/Motel a mere 30km’s away, and man do they make a killer surf & turf.

Anyway on with the event, Entries were limited to 200 competitors of which only about 175~180 turned up due to either breakages before the event or just not having vehicles complete in time. There was a regular entry fee of $250 or you could upgrade to VIP for another $250 all of which was non-refundable so as to provide a guaranteed financial kitty. I went VIP for 1 car and normal for the other as it allowed me to essentially “jump” the queue when I went out. Luckily for me I was upgraded to VIP for my second car at no additional cost. Which helped with the logistics side if i needed to work on either car or move camera’s around.

VIP entrants had a paved carpark and also got you a free lunch, access to the main airport building/toilets, tv and power to charge laptops/camera’s etc.

The main purpose of this event was to hold the standstill to 1000m timed event on the sunday, however it also consisted of roll on 400/800 drag racing on Saturday in which you could even have a passenger in the vehicle. Sunday then kicked off with the continuation of the 800 meter roll on racing again as the drivers preferred the roll on racing to the start lights as it meant less waiting time and more track time and helped those with high horsepower vehicles from spinning the wheels off the line for the first 400 meters 😉

Unfortunately during the sunday morning 800m roll on sessions Eddie from Active Automotive & a passenger in his yellow monaro had a roll over at around the 400 meter mark. I don’t know or want to guess what caused it, but luckily this particular car has a very decent roll cage that could take such an accident and both Ed & passenger were rescued pretty quickly by the onsite fire/ambo crews and were both walking around shortly after, However as a precaution they were airlifted back to Perth later in the day via RFDS.

Over both days there was a steady stream of spectators coming in and I’m lead to believe they had over 1700 spectators on the Saturday alone, with an additional 1300 on the sunday which is bloody incredible considering it’s at least a 2 hr drive just from Perth. Some competitors travelled around 1300km’s all up to compete so they were definitely keen.

We trailered 2 car’s there and I drove my VE there and back (including racing) with just an additional 20lt jerry can and still got back into Perth with over 1/4 tank.

Unfortunatly there was some issues with the timing equipment first thing sunday morning so one of my 1000m runs wasn’t timed (bugger as it was cooler and log showed more boost) than the afternoon run. Full results haven’t been released yet either but i asked for my data on the return to the pits. From memory my vy ute went 243kph vs 255kph in the VE, in which i have to take on face value for this year as the ute doesn’t hold a candle to the VE in power nor accelleration to have such a small margin. That and my logs for the same time show a much higher speed.