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8.6 1/4 Mile Pass

Went out for some testing during the week with the new gearbox/converter & diff gears in my drag car.

Still launching without the 2 step & trans brake.
5 runs in total with 2 being low 9’s for the warm up run & then a shutdown when it got a bit skate.

3 best runs were:
8.963 @ 249.63kph (17psi)

8.826 @ 252.95kph (17psi)

8.697 @ 257.37kph (20psi)

Drag car still runs stock IRS with a Harrop Enduro cover/gforce1320 stub axles & stock driveshafts & was doing consistent 1.4 – 60’s all night.
Looking forward to changing the diff out for Motul Racewars 2017 to see if it will crack the 300kph mark over the standing 1km & maybe even take out Cash Days 1/8 Mile Racing

VX Drag Car goes 9.2

With the fitment of a new 10.5″ Circle’D Converter replacing the old 9.5″ Dominator to my VX Commodore drag car, I ran a new PB in both time and MPH over the 1/4 with no changes to the tune.


Unfortunately it was my 1 and only run as the drivers side stub axle broke coming out of the burnout box, putting a premature halt to the nights session.

Not too shabby considering that both my VX and my dads VT (which does 9.3’s) are still running stock stubs and axles. So a new one will go and I’ll start to put some more boost in.

New Drag Car hits the strip

I entered my new Drag car for the Holden vs Ford Drag racing event on the Anzac long weekend. As it’s a new car and still requiring Tech inspection, I wasn’t able to do too many quick runs, but for it’s 2nd event debut I am extremely happy with it’s progress.

The car is a Twin turbo 410ci Darton Sleeved LS2 in a VX Berlina Shell



Cruze hits the Drag Strip

While being one of the slowest cars I’ve ever had to race, I was wanting to confirm the power upgrade from the ecu retune, So I took the Cruze to the drag strip this last week and as expected considerable gains were had between the factory & the Torque Up Tune.

So as not to bias the car against any temperature changes or heat soak in the staging lanes, The factory tune was uploaded between runs of the modified tune.

Custom Tune Results
Custom Tune Results
Stock Tune Results
Stock Tune Results
Custom Tune Results

As can be seen from the results there is a minimum 4kph difference at the half track which carries all the way through to the speed trap at the end of the 1/4.

The biggest problem with trying to get the cruze off the line quickly is actually wheel spin believe it or not, since it doesn’t have a Limited Slip diff it starts to axle hop as the boost comes on in 1st gear. If the car was an auto it’s quite possible a high 14 second time slip would be possible.