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Supercharged VP Clubsport

Haltech Sport ECU & Wideband, AEM High Pressure pump installed replacing Kalmaker tuned ecu & hobbs switch controlled window washer style water/meth injection pump.
Original ECU Tune & Water/meth setup made 296 & 293whp. Excessively rich midrange mixture which often caused hesitance to rev out.
Large gains picked up via timing/fuel changes with Haltech ecu across the board by being able to trigger the water/meth spray only when needed.

VF SS UTE Maf Tune

A friend from the country (Moora) came for a drive to the big smoke this weekend for a maf tune on his ute after having already fitted extractors, exhaust and then getting the dreaded check engine light from the now out of factory spec exhaust gases.

With the car strapped to the dyno,  the car made a best of 302.9hp from the 3 factory tune dyno pulls with the car riding the low octane spark map the entire time.

Then it was time to fit the new OTR & infill panels & adjust the tune to suit.

The car seemed a little low on power compared to previous 6lt motors I’ve tuned, so the question was asked, “what fuel is in this?”

“Just plain unleaded”

ha, right, that would explain it then.

Regardless of the lower octane fuel, we still made a nice healthy 48whp gain as can be seen by the dyno sheet.

How's the consistency for back to back runs!
How’s the consistency for back to back runs!

Once the car is filled up with some 98 octane fuel the car will start to learn towards the higher octane spark map and pick up some more hp.

LS1 VR Ute

Friday afternoon tune for Clayton Farmers “FARMIND” cam’d ls1 running a th400 trans & E85. ¬†Built for burnouts.


60lb injectors leave plenty of room for a future power adder



Nice flat torque curve from this combo