Just a Quikie

With Mon5ta currently getting an over due freshen up after years of abuse to the driveline. Owner/Driver Matt has decided to debut his new blown setup on another car.

With another stock ls1 motor with a suspected vcm-7 camshaft (232/234@112) and 6/71 blower setup by Nelg’s Alloy Mods slid into place of a previous factory v6 vy commodore. We finally hit the dyno for an initial tune up today and too see what bugs might be thrown at us on the new combo.

matt-blower2 matt-blower3  matt-blower








Apart from a stuffed wideband cable to delay tuning for 30 minutes, everything went rather smoothly with an initial power run of 470rwhp with a very safe 9 degrees of timing on E85 & 0.82 lambda thanks to it’s maximum 7.5psi of boost.

With a couple of tuning adjustments to fuel & timing, it was decided to leave the car at a maximum of 520rwhp & 6300rpm limiter for it’s initial tune up.

We will more than likely look into a water/meth injection kit to assist with keeping the air temps in check for long duration burnout’s rather then running injectors within the hat.

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