Cruze Injector Upgrade

While probably not in the right order in the tuning blog I thought it relevant to post the results from my injector upgrade on the Cruze running standard 98 octane petrol.

The main reason for tuning the bigger injectors on 98 is I’m hoping to find the relevant pin on the ecu that will allow for flex fuel support, What this means is that I can fill up the car with any amount of ethanol or petrol and the ECU will automatically adjust the fuelling to suit, But in order to do so I need a baseline fuel & timing map to start with.

cruze-injector98oct-boostThe 125hp reading is from the factory injectors & tune., 150whp+ are injectors & tune.

Next job is to work out the ethanol pin on the ecu. if there is one that is & possibly some cam timing adjustment.