Tuning Services

Do you have a vehicle you would like to be tuned, that’s not in the drop down list? Then send me a message and I will en-devour to assist you or point in the direction of someone that can.

I’m mostly work with GM based ecu’s/engines, however I’m also familiar with other brands of ecu’s like Hondata, Ecutek, & Haltech. I’ve also used tuning software such as Tunerpro, Tunerstudio, Openecu & Woolich Racing for motorbikes.

Maybe you have a Burnout / Track or Drag Car but are still using parts of the factory electrical systems and getting error codes or warnings and want them off?

Dyno Hire

Please see the dyno hire page for more details

Dyno Power Runs

Price – $60 this includes 3 power runs & colour print out. If you want to make changes to your car between runs or want more time to make adjustments, then I will only charge you the hourly rate & we can do as many power runs or steady state load tests as you like.

VY-VZ Dash Cluster Programming

Auto to manual change etc, fuel gauge calibration, speedo correction, V6 to V8 – Handy if you want to use the factory dash with a custom tank with fuel sender.

Tech 2 & Factory SPS Programming of all GM vehicle modules including resetting/turning off of error codes for various on-board modules etc

Reprogramming & Updating of ABS modules, BCM, Instrument Clusters etc.