Dyno Runs & Hire

If you want to tune your own vehicle, then you can hire my dyno at an hourly rate, charged in 30 minute blocks.
1st time users will be given a 30 minute briefing on how to use the dyno both safely & correctly.

The dyno has a 4.9 LSU wideband that is capable of providing both a serial & analog 0-5v signal. Along with being able to feed sensors & data to the dyno computer for overlaying with power runs etc.

However it is advised that for any serious tuning you should always have your own wide band sensor fitted & calibrated BEFORE you begin! In the event you don’t have one and wish to keep it fitted in your car. I can sell you the excellent AEM X-Series wide band Guage/Controllers.

The dyno has both a high speed cooling & extraction fan.


  • $120 for 1st hr. *Maximum of 3hr hire at any 1 time, unless no other jobs are booked in.
  • $100 for 2nd
  • $80 for 3rd
  • $60 for 4th & there after
  • Clean up of any oil’s from engine or transmission etc will incur an additional cleanup cost, unless you bring your own rags & clean.

Dyno Power Runs

Price – $60 this includes a maximum of 3 power runs & colour print out. If you want to make changes to your car between runs or want more time to make adjustments, then I will only charge you the hourly rate & we can do as many power runs or steady state load tests as you like.

Club Dyno Days

Do you have a group of friends or Perhaps a car club looking to run an event for your members for a bit of friendly competition & bragging rights? Then contact me to work out a day rate & discuss amenities available for your patrons.