33″ RG Colorado Tune

Riley came in with his lift kitted & big tyre’d Colorado on the weekend to get his transmission looked at & ecu re-calibrated. The car had been suffering from what can only be explained as a stuttering/false neutral shift between gears since shortly after purchase.

I quickly diagnosed it as a low fluid problem as the Commodores platform has a similar issue on hard launches when the fluid moves to the back of the pan. With the tran’s dip stick removed it was evident that it was very low.

The good news is with an additional 2lt’s of Dex6 fluid added & a reset of the transmission adapts, the hesitation was now gone.

So a word of warning, If you are experiencing any funky shift changes in your 6L45/6L80/6l90e transmission equipped cars & you have a dipstick. Check the fluid level. Don’t rely on someone else checking it for you.

As for Riley’s ecu tune? Switchable tunes with stock 137whp to 174 for max power on the 33” tyres sound?

All done via efilive’s DSP4 option.

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